Eloab: a personal vision of fashion

Fashion for Gabrielle Chanel was "what goes out of fashion".

Eloab, is not far from this vision.

The creation passes by the feminine glance of Elodie, between poetry and feminine pragmatism.

She creates clothes not to be noticed, but above all to be worn. This vision corresponds to a desire for timelessness: clothes that we will always love to wear.

Mode in Riviera

Elodie creates her collections and has her pieces made in the South of France. Most of them are made in Nice, elaborated in the heart of the alleys bathed by the sun. This location has given Eloab's collections their sunny, festive spirit, full of freedom.

Far from the shackles, in love with fluidity and lightness, the pieces signed Eloab marries the curves of the female body without ever imprisoning them and reveals the shoulders, the back, the legs by suggesting without ever showing them.

A preference for materials from nature

Cotton, silk, linen, but also viscose (from wood cellulose)... Eloab materials are chosen for their exceptional quality, beauty and natural elegance. The aim is to create a pleat, a drape, a movement of the garment, from the original cut and fall of the fabric.

One more freedom for the body, much at ease when surrounded by these natural materials.

Day / Night

Coming from the French Riviera, a country where the Day embodies light, an art of epicureanism and dolce vita, but where the Night also represents an "active" time, made for strolling, dancing and smelling the fragrant air of the evening and the party, Eloab preciously keeps the two facets of Time: the time to live & the time to celebrate.

Her collections and each of her pieces carry this philosophy. In Eloab, a woman is ready to go out : day or night.